Who's behind Bitjoy?

Bitjoy was conceived by a team of seasoned developers, Bitcoin enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in Austin, TX. We believe Bitcoin is a world-wide revolution in finance and the revolution is just getting warmed up! If you're interested in teaming up with the minds behind Bitjoy, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at support@bitjoy.io!


Everywhere you look today, you see them… so-called “smart devices”. Our TV’s are “smart”, our phones are “smart”, even our thermostats and toasters are getting an "education". This begs the question - why isn’t our money “smart”?

Bitcoin is “smart” money. With Bitcoin, for the first time in history, our money is transformed from a dull instrument of exchange into a programmable device capable of executing logic and fairness in a trustless environment – all at the speed and reachability of today’s vast internet.

We believe Bitcoin will change the world - from a micro-payment technology standpoint and as a way to transmit value around the world – without respect to borders, banks and governments. It will connect producers and consumers in a way never-before imagined.

Bitjoy is exploring new and innovative ways to monetize, reward and engage users on all platforms through the power of Bitcoin.